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  • About
    Campaign Advantage Characteristic

    Besides importing state-of-the-art production facilities and technologies from Europe and the United States, we also boast an inspection and management team with more than a decade of experience. We exercise IQC/PQC/FQC and statistical process analysis management on our products. We implement HACCP at critical control points and adopt Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in all areas of our company. We closely adhere to ISO9001-:2008 Quality Management System to exercise quality control and management. We use a scientific and reasonable inspection method; while at the same time prevent any lapses in quality through using advanced inspection equipment and setting up a scientific inspection standard. These measures are adopted to ensure quality products and services.

    We installed the PRESSCO on-line inspection system on both basic shell press and conversion press. On basic shell press, the PRESSCO on-line inspection system examines the appearance of inner surface and the End seal compound of a basic shell. On conversion press, the Pressco system mainly inspects the outer surface; the appearance of the tab and an optical inspection for leakage of an end. To ensure the best quality, our inspection process is also accompanied by other equipment and apparatus, such as score measure microscope, buckle tester, electrical conductivity meter, coating thickness gauges, helium leak detector, etc.

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