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    Guangdong Transhell Packaging Company Ltd. is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture, which has been manufacturing aluminum Easy Open Ends for more than twenty years. Our products are widely used for two-piece cans and three-piece cans, we also offer various sizes to suit customer needs. The company has imports the world first-class production lines, and has reached annual capacity of more than five billions pieces. Transhell has been an approved supplier of various well-known brands; we will continue our success and strive to provide the best quality and service experience to our customers.

    Guangdong Transhell Packaging Company Ltd. is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture, which specializes in the production of aluminum Easy Open Ends (EOEs). We established in 1991 in Shantou and later relocated to Nanhai where we have been in operation since 2003.

    Transhell boasts a senior management and a technical team which possess over ten years of experience in the packaging industry. The company adopts the modern management model, and has obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification for quality management systems. Transhell imports from Europe and the United States state-of-the-art production lines and equipment, and has reached an annual capacity of 7billion EOEs in 2011. The products of Transhell are in common and widespread use throughout the beverage industry, we offer variety sizes of ends for both two-piece cans and three-piece cans. In order to assist our customers enhancing their product image, we also provide value added services such as multi-color printing, embossing and engraving to the products.

    Transhell continually seek to build enduring relationships with our customers. With our excellent service and outstanding quality, we are an approved supplier of various well-known beverage brands, including JDB, Coconut Palm, Lulu, Nestle, Red Bull, Yinlu etc. At Transhell, our team strives to provide the best quality and service experience, willingly going the extra mile to satisfy every need of our clients.

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